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Fortnite: Tron Crossover Coming Soon?

With how many crossovers have arrived in Fortnite right now and with the Flash skin being the last to be confirmed, it’s hard to be more surprised every time a new one is announced or leaked. That said, what appears to be the next crossover legitimately seems to blow fans in awe at how unexpected it is: Tron.

The suspicions that a skin dedicated to this franchise is coming to the battle royale in question began after the courtesy of the dataminer and the frequent leaker called HYPEX of Fortnite. With a post shared on Twitter, an image of a new portal codenamed Mainframe was shown: the visual aesthetics and accompanying audio are clearly reminiscent of the Tron films, most notably the 2010 sequel Tron: Legacy.

And as if that wasn’t obvious enough, Epic Games has decided to share another of its teaser broadcasts, which provide more and more suggestions for the next guest star. The audio log is of Jonesy dusting off an old computer before being apparently transported away, which is reminiscent of how the characters would enter the world of Tron, better known as The Grid.

The register also has the label MCP-82. Anyone familiar with the original film will recognize those letters, as the MCP aka Master Control Program was the main antagonist. 82 is undoubtedly a reference to the original film’s 1982 release year.

Finally, the description of the target reads “They fight for the users,” an obvious reference to Tron’s line of “I fight for the users.” While Tron fans are undoubtedly thrilled to see this often overlooked franchise make an appearance in one of the most popular video games in the world, it is very bizarre that Epic chose it.

Tron as a character hardly fits the theme of the current season, within which – we remember – characters like Mandalorian and Predator have been included.