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Where To Find The Nightsong In BG3 & Should You Kill Her?

Tired of looking for Nightsong but can't seem to get to her in Baldur's Gate 3? Here is where you can find her.

One of the more frustrating quests in Baldur’s Gate 3 is to find the Nightsong. Sure it is a side quest and you don’t have to do it. However, the choices you make in this quest line will either add a powerful ally to your party or give you a very strong weapon.

This choice affects you in more than one way as it is also linked to one of the earliest companions you meet. So let’s not keep things a mystery any longer as here is how Nightsong’s questline plays out.

Disclaimer: Before going any further, there are going to be spoilers ahead about Nightsong and also about Shadowheart’s fate.

Where to Find Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3?

You cannot find Nightsong in Act 1 even though you get her quest in it. This is a rather long quest that halts during the events of Act 1 and resumes with the later stages of Act 2. You can find her at Gauntlet of Shar after encountering Balthazar. Here is the entire quest walkthrough:

  1. In order to get the Find the Nightsong quest you have to go to Druids’ Grove and talk to Aradin.

    Talk to Aradin To Learn Where You Can Find Nightsong In Baldurs Gate 3
    Image Credits: Game Guides Channel on YouTube
  2. While giving you the quest he will mention a relic hidden beneath a temple.
  3. This temple is below Goblin’s Camp. So the best way to get there is to free Sazza. Helping her works for you as she gets you a safe passage in the Goblin Camp.
  4. Keep exploring until you meet Gut, a Goblin Priestess.
  5. Talk to her and she will offer you to remove the tadpole from your eye. This is actually a trap as she imprisons you.
  6. Here, you have two options:
    • Fight her and the Ogre.
    • Let the assassin kill them.
  7. In both choices, you get the Priestess Gut’s key.
  8. After getting rid of them continue going down.
  9. Eventually, you will get to a room with a light coming from the top and 4 discs that you can rotate. Align them in such a way that all black spots fall under the light.

    Solve The 4 Discs Puzzle
    Image Credits: Shark R on YouTube
  10. This will open the door behind revealing a passage that leads down.
  11. Use it to reach the Temple of Selune.
  12. Destroy the moonstone and use the lever to open the gates.

    Destroy The Moonstone
    Image Credits: Shark R on YouTube
  13. You will now reach Underdark.
  14. The quest halts here for a while as you learn that the trail has gone cold.
  15. Now, progress Act 2 till you get to the Shadow-cursed lands.
  16. Make sure to have Shadowheart in your party from this point forward.
  17. Keep continuing the main story and will get an option to free the moon lantern pixie. Regardless of what you choose here, you get the ability to traverse the cursed darkness better.
  18. Make your way to the Last Light Inn.
  19. From here you can reach the Thorm Mausoleum.
  20. Continue going deeper and eventually, you will reach the Gauntlet of Shar.

    Reach Gauntlet Of Shar To Find Nightsong In Baldurs Gate 3
    Image Credits: Game Guides Channel on YouTube
  21. Go to the Silent Library to get the Spear of Night.

    BG3 Spear Of Night Location
    Image Credits: Game Guides Channel on YouTube
  22. Next, collect the Umbral gems after clearing the various puzzles.
  23. Go back and use the floating platform.
  24. Use the Umbral gems here.

    Use Umbral Gems To Find Nightsong In Baldurs Gate 3
    Image Credits: Game Guides Channel on YouTube
  25. Shadowheart will now start praying to Shar.
  26. Next, you will meet Balthazar here.
  27. As you continue to go down, you will eventually find Nightsong.

Should You Kill Nightsong in BG3?

After you encounter, Nightsong there are three things that can happen:

  • You can let Balthazar take her.
  • Defeat Balthazar and let Shadowheart kill her.
  • Convincing Shadowheart to not kill her.

Here is how each outcome plays out

Balthazar Takes Nightsong

BG3 Balthazar Takes Nightsong
Image Credits: MrGeeBee on YouTube

This is possibly the worst ending for the quest that you can go with. Here you let Balthazar take Nightsong, before leaving she will tell you that she is eternal and that she will be free one day, and also that she never forgets a face. This isn’t the worst part, after she is gone Shadowheart ends up failing her quest.

Shadowheart is angry with you and will leave your party permanently. So it goes without saying but you also lose all romance options with her. The only good thing that comes from this choice is you won’t be on the bad side of the Cult of the Absolute.

Shadowheart Kills Nightsong

BG3 Shadowheart Kills Nightsong
Image Credits: MrGeeBee on YouTube

In this choice, Shadowheart stabs her with the Spear of Night. She ends up doing the bidding of Shar, for which she is rewarded with the Dark Justiciar armor set. This is an equally bad ending as Shadowheart changes a lot after the events that happen here and becomes an “instrument” of Shar. However, for choosing to go this route, you do get the Shar’s Spear of Evening.

Shadowheart Doesn’t Kill Nightsong

Baldurs Gate 3 Shadowheart Doesn't Kill Nightsong
Image Credits: MrGeeBee on YouTube

When Shadowheart throws away the Spear of Night, you learn that Nightsong is actually the daughter of Selune. She will appreciate you and your party for not killing her and rewards you with the Moonmaiden’s Light.

That’s all for how you can find the Nightsong in BG3 and if you should kill her. Since you are here, I suggest you also check out our other guides for this game on where to find Gortash and how you can play with friends. Also, if you need more help on other such topics then you should also check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 section.