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Where To Find Gortash In BG3?

Reached Act 3 in Baldur's Gate 3 and looking for Gortash? Here is the location where you can find him.

As you progress through Baldur’s Gate 3, the events of Act 3 will require you to collect the Netherstones. The problem is one of the stone holders happens to be Gortash. However, you are in luck as can catch him by surprise before he gets to find out what you and your party are up to.

Things aren’t going to be super easy all the way though, because there is a chance he won’t be in the place where you should usually find him. So here is the location where you can fight Gortash.

Disclaimer: There are going to be some spoilers about Act 3 ahead. So make sure to play through the game once in case you don’t want to get spoiled.

How to Find Gortash in Baldur’s Gate 3

Where To Find Gortash In Baldur's Gate 3
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You can find Gortash at Wyrm’s Rock. His precise location changes based on whether you go to him directly or after talking to Orin.

  • Going directly:
    • If you choose to go to him then you can find him in the Throne room.
  • After talking to Orin:
    • Orin requests you to kill him as she is bound to not do it herself. So here is how you get to him:
      • Method 1:
        1. Use the northwest stairway near the coordinates X:16 and Y:233.

          Using Passageway To Get To The Second Floor
          Image Credits: green.brown.blue on YouTube
        2. After reaching the top, follow the natural path and use the first door on the right.

          Use The Right Door
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        3. Go inside and you should be able to find him ahead.
      • Method 2:
        1. Exit the Audience hall to reach the main room.
        2. Go to the room behind the three large barrels. It looks ordinary with a few boxes kept there.
        3. Here, find and interact with the Lever and it will open the hidden doors behind. This will take you outside.

          Where Is Gortash In BG3
          Image Credits: Knight Knowledge on YouTube
        4. Follow the natural path while climbing down.
        5. Eventually, you will find Knotted Roots, climb them up then open the door to reach the second floor.

          Use The Knotted Roots To Climb Up
          Image Credits: Knight Knowledge on YouTube
        6. You can find him here.

Pro tip before starting the fight with Gortash or meeting him make sure to destroy the Turrets and force curtains as they can be troublesome when the fight starts.

Should You Side With Gortash in BG3?

Whether or not you choose to form an alliance with Gortash comes down to a personal preference and the type of playthrough you are going for. In his offer, he asks you to kill Orin. However, the fight with her is harder than the one with him. So it is better to give a neutral answer rather than immediately starting a fight.

That’s all for the location where you can find Gortash in Baldur’s Gate 3. I suggest you also check out our BG3 section for more help on other such topics.