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Final Fantasy XVI: Timed Exclusive for PS5, Will Release Later on PC?

As already announced last year, the role-playing game Final Fantasy XVI will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5. According to current reports, this time we could be dealing with a “real” time exclusivity in which the PC version of the game is also left out for the time being.

One of the first major third-party titles announced for the PlayStation 5 last year was the role-playing action-oriented game Final Fantasy XVI. However, the announcement quickly caused a lot of confusion. Officials spoke of a timed-exclusive release on the PlayStation 5.

Since the presented gameplay scenes came from the PC version, however, it was assumed that Final Fantasy XVI will only be released on the consoles exclusively for the PS5 and, like Godfall, for the PC at the same time. A current advertisement for upcoming PS5 games from Brazil provides fresh speculation now.

Among other things, the three titles Godfall, Deathloop, and Ghostwire: Tokyo can be seen, in which it is pointed out that they are exclusive to the PS5 and the PC and, depending on the title, only six (Godfall) to twelve Months (Deathloop, Ghostwire: Tokyo) appear for other platforms later. The whole thing is a little different with Final Fantasy XVI.

It reads: “Final Fantasy XVI not available on other platforms for a limited time after the release on PS5.” It ensures that, in addition to the Xbox Series X/S, the PC is also left out for the time being. To make matters worse, Square Enix no longer mentions the PC in marketing and promotional tweets or videos.

This could also indicate that only the PlayStation 5 will be supplied with the title for a certain period of time. Should it come to that, we will of course bring you up-to-date information on it immediately.