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Final Fantasy XVI Will Be An “Action-Oriented” Game, Team is Working Hard on the Story

In a radio interview, Game Director Naoki Yoshida said a few words about his current project Final Fantasy XVI. As Yoshida indicated, the latest title of the long-lasting series is an action-packed role-playing game.

Final Fantasy XVI was one of the first major third-party titles announced for the PlayStation 5 last year. The title is being developed under the direction of game director Naoki Yoshida, under whose supervision the initially failed online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV was brought back on track.

In a radio interview, Yoshida talked about his current project and pointed out that Final Fantasy 16 will be an “action-oriented” game. He didn’t go into any more detail, but we can assume that he is referring to the combat system, among other things.

At the same time, Yoshida talked about the intended target group and promised that even newcomers who had previously had little to do with action titles will find their way around quickly, as Final Fantasy 16 takes beginners by the hand.

His team is currently working feverishly to write the story of the role-playing game. The game director left it open when further details on the plot of Final Fantasy XVI can be expected.

Recently, however, Yoshida noted that he and his team would like to be careful when releasing new details so as not to create false expectations.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released for the PlayStation 5 on a date that has not yet been specified.