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Final Fantasy XVI Release Date Updated to “Coming Soon” On PlayStation Store

Final Fantasy XVI release date has been updated on PlayStation Store. Sony has in fact reclassified the release date of the title from “TBC” to “Coming Soon”.

We can therefore deduce that something is going to be announced soon, and that the next installment of the ultimate fantasy of Square Enix on PlayStation 5 could soon have a definitive release date.

Final Fantasy XVI was supposed to target a release date in 2021, however, the impact of COVID-19, as it has happened for many other titles, may have moved it directly to 2022. The game has been in development for some time now and can count on Naoki Yoshida as producer and Hiroshi Takai as director.

Especially Yoshida had already expressed himself on the release of the game, stating that new information would arrive in due time. The debut trailer shown during the PlayStation Showcase last summer had generated great expectations for the title, especially after the lukewarm reception reserved for the previous chapter of the franchise.

Precisely for this reason, however, the manufacturer has stated that the best news will come only at the right time, after having tested the ground among the players, to avoid that someone has different expectations from what the game will actually be at its release.

We also remember that in a trailer released recently by PlayStation Brazil, which shows various exclusives for third-party PS5 consoles, Final Fantasy XVI also appears. It was also stated that the game will be exclusive to PS5 “for a limited time,” suggesting that the title could arrive later on other platforms as well.

At the moment, we only have to go back to rumors and small details, such as today’s change of the PlayStation Store. However, we are sure that soon we will be able to get our hands on Final Fantasy XVI hopefully.