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Payday 3: What Is Telemetry And Should You Enable It?

Confused whether to turn on Telemetry or keep it off. What is it and how it impacts the overall gameplay expereince then read this article.

Upon launching Payday 3 the first time, the game will ask you whether you want to enable Telemetry. This comes out of nowhere and might even confuse several players on what this feature is about, especially if this is the first game in the series that they are about to try. Worry not, while the choice is sort of important, it also doesn’t affect your gameplay experience in any drastic way. So here is what it is and if you should enable it.

What is Telemetry in Payday 3?

Should You Enable Telemetry In Payday 3
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Telemetry or Gamesight allows the developers to collect data related to your gameplay to help them improve the game. At least this was the case with the update 199.3 of Payday 2. In its patch notes the developers said:

PAYDAY 2 now collects telemetry data to help us further improve the game. Note that this does NOT involve collecting or storing any personal information, but rather focuses on bulk data and big-picture playing patterns. We will track things such as which heists are the most played, average play session length, and the relative popularity of different weapons, perk decks and heisters.

So if it is the same as the previous game, it should take information about what weapons you use, how long you play, which heists you prefer playing, and other similar information. Now, based on all this data collected by several users everywhere, the future updates can be planned. This could include new content like heists or weapons, or patches regarding nerfs or buffs to existing in-game mechanics.

Should You Enable Gamesight in Payday 3?

This is entirely up to your personal preference on whether you trust the developers with your data. If you feel comfortable sharing the information about your play style and habits with them, then you can choose to opt in. Otherwise, if you aren’t sure how your data will be used and how much of it will be collected it is safer to opt out.

What Happens if You Don’t Opt In for Telemetry?

There shouldn’t be any issues and you should be able to enjoy the game regardless of whether you enable or opt out of Telemetry. However, what you do need to take into consideration is once you enable or disable it, there isn’t an option in settings as of now to change it, so you will be stuck with your choice. But as mentioned before, both choices shouldn’t affect your in-game experience much.

That’s all on what Telemetry is in Payday 3. While you are here I suggest you also check out its roadmap for 2023-24. For more such topics on Payday 3 or other games check out our Gaming section.