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Elden Ring Preview: Multiple Endings, Fast Travel, New Screenshots & More Details Revealed

The new preview of Elden Ring reveals more details about the game. Bandai Namco takes us to the intermediate land to show us more of FromSoftware’s newfound RPG title.

Elden Ring Preview

There are still many months before the launch of Elden Ring, and on the occasion of Gamescom 2021, some lucky media have had the opportunity to take a look in advance at the gameplay of the new game of FromSoftware.

From this preview, we were able to learn new details about the JRPG title Elden Ring written by George RR Martin, and here’s what we know now. In addition, Geoff Keighley, organizer of Gamescom Opening Night Live and Summer Game Fest showcased four new screenshots of the title.

So, according to the details, fast travel that was confirmed in the past will work almost everywhere in Elden Ring. The story will play a very important role, and will lead us to meet (optionally) NPCs and to follow multiple paths that will merge into multiple endings. We do not know, however, how many there will be.

In addition, archers and wizards will be able to fight from the horse, and there will be Legacy Dungeons separated from the outside world.

Moving on to the gameplay, Elden Ring will have mechanics similar to those offered by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the previous game of FromSoftware, but also a new mechanic called Guard Counter.

This will allow us to strike after a normal block, but the attack can also be blocked. The enemies will have a level of “balance” that, after a certain period of time, will break, and will presumably allow us to attack them until their defeat. Finally, a hub with NPCs was also confirmed.

Recall that Elden Ring will be released on January 21, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.