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Elden Ring Next Reveal “Isn’t Months and Months Away,” Journalist Says

As it is well known, the hopeful reveal of Elden Ring in the course of The Game Awards 2020 did not materialize. If we believe the information given by a well-known journalist, then we don’t have to wait too long.

Even if more than a year and a half have passed since the official announcement of Elden Ring, concrete details and impressions are still a long time coming. Recently rumors made the rounds that the ambitious role-playing game could be expected to be revealed at The Game Awards 2020. As is known, nothing came of this.

As the Gamesbeat journalist and confidential insider source Jeff Grubb noted, we won’t have to wait too long for the reveal of Elden Ring. Instead, he wants to know that it could possibly be revealed in the next month or two.

However, it was not revealed where Grubb got his information from. Instead, he simply said, “They’re obviously working on this game… they didn’t show it here [at The Game Awards], but I think they probably could have if they wanted to. I think it’s at that state. But let’s just give it a month or two more.”

“Here’s one thing I’ve heard that I can say: have a little bit more patience, but just a little bit more. That doesn’t mean days, and I don’t think it quite means weeks, but it doesn’t mean months and months and months,” Grubb further stated.

Elden Ring has so far only been confirmed for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC. It would be conceivable, however, that the consoles of the new generation could also be considered.