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Elden Ring News is Coming Soon, Insider Hints

On Twitter, the industry insider Jeff Grub gave another hint of the upcoming presentation of Elden Ring. He said last month that it won’t be long.

The excruciating wait for the official presentation of the next game of FromSoftware is likely to end soon. There was a little hint about Elden Ring on Twitter from the well-informed gaming journalist and industry insider Jeff Grubb.

A Twitter user published a graphic he created himself, which is based on the scheme of a share price. There you will not see a price development, but the increasing hype about the mysterious action role-playing game. Grubb replied that the hype would “soon go to the moon.”

With this, the insider emphasizes his statement from December that the title could be introduced in the next “one or two months.” In the same month, another journalist reported on the development of the long-awaited role-playing game. He would also like us to know that the development phase has largely been completed.

A modder by the name of Lance McDonald has also previously claimed this after receiving a tip from an external company that is connected to the responsible developer, FromSoftware. In any case, the game seems to be very reminiscent of the Dark Souls series. In particular, the control should have several similarities.

Elden Ring will be released for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Although there is no exact release period known, you can expect a release this year.