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Elden Ring: 30 Hours Long, Multiple Endings, & Other Details Confirmed

An interview with the Japanese Famitsu provides further details on the upcoming FromSoftware game Elden Ring. Among other things, the duration of the game was also revealed.

Elden Ring game duration and multiple endings confirmed

A few days ago Elden Ring was presented to the public after a long wait. Further details followed in an interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu, in which the game director Hidetaka Miyazaki participated. He emphasized, among other things, that with the title you can expect the company’s biggest game to date.

When asked what goal Miyazaki is pursuing with Elden Ring, the game director explained that they would like to offer players an evolution of the Dark Souls series. At the same time, the title should form the basis of what the studio wants to build with future games.

As in Dark Souls, players will build the story by collecting fragments, using the same gameplay system as in Dark Souls applied to the open world of the game. However, you can expect a much higher degree of freedom.

As for the longevity of Elden Ring, Miyazaki estimates that it will take players about 30 hours to complete the game without too many side quests. There will only be a limited number of bosses, with some being optional for players.

Miyazaki is also confident that the target release date can really be met.

The main highlights of the Famitsu interview were summarized by the Reddit user ‘AidThisFellowUser’. Below you will find the complete details of the game:

  • George R.R Martin wrote down the base for Elden Ring world, the rest was made by FromSoftware
  • Elden Ring is the basis for what FromSoftware wants to build with future games
  • The main character’s story and appearance are built by the player, unlike Sekiro.
  • The game will have a way to lead the player to quest objectives, you don’t need to obey it.
  • “The number of bosses in the game will be limited”, there is no order for boss fights. Will have optional bosses.
  • Players will build the story by collecting fragments like in Dark Souls
  • Six major areas that function as distinct dungeons, ruled by demigod characters.
  • The game has a main hub/town.
  • The same gameplay system for Dark Souls applied to Open World
  • You can summon a “spiritual body” to aid you in combat (summoning system). Spirits can be collected and equipped as items. There are different types of spirits (use them for assaults, as a decoy, for defense, etc). Spirits can be improved and there are also rather useless spirits with other traits.
  • Game will have multiple endings
  • Game will have much higher degree of freedom than previous games
  • Battle arts from Dark Souls III will return but are not fixed to a weapon (~100 techniques)
  • Confident that Elden Ring will arrive on its release date.
  • The game will have support for multiplayer (4 player) during exploration on the open fields (but you are not able to ride your horses in multiplayer apparently) .
  • Elden Ring will be more “manageable” due to the many different options the player has during world explorations and encounters, but there are still many tough enemies.
  • Fall damage is low to keep explorers motivated .
  • There is a world map – but the actual dungeons do not have a map.
  • Game will have a crafting system with materials
  • Miyazaki guesses playtime is around 30 hours “without too many side trips”.
  • The asynchrous multiplayer elements from Dark Souls return; you can (apparently) set up groups and give their messages/dead bodies etc. higher priority.
  • Game has a keyword system and no limit on multiplayer group size (co-op is 4 players).

Elden Ring will be released worldwide on January 21, 2022, for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. There will be a free new-gen upgrade for those who buy the last-gen versions of the game.