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E3 2021: Microsoft’s Xbox Event Will Take Place on June 13, Jeff Grubb Says

The buzz for E3 2021 is tangible, and insider Jeff Grubb has had very strong words to share both with regards to what Xbox will show and regarding PS5 and Horizon Forbidden West. We have two statements to dissect, analyzing the possible implications for both.

Let’s start from what Jeff Grubb said about Microsoft and Xbox: according to his words, despite a possible focus on Starfield and Halo Infinite, this will not be the “big” showcase. Grubb later specifically talked on the forthcoming year’s edition of the Los Angeles fair, defining the show to be held fairly modest shortly.

Jeff Grubb’s invitation to Xbox fans to considerably scale back their expectations for E3 2021 is chilling enough. “You might be disappointed, but you might as well be happy.” Clearly, it is best to leave any consideration on the matter to the post-fair, given the ferment of the speculative scene.

Much more cryptic, but at the same time a precursor of hype, the subsequent comment on Horizon Forbidden West. We remind those of you who still did not know that tomorrow evening we will have an entire stream dedicated to Aloy’s new open-world adventure. For the moment, we don’t know if the release date will also be announced.

It will be for the release period scheduled for this same year, or for the 20 minutes of gameplay that await us, but Grubb seems to be very confident. The insider did not go too far, in addition to having defined a similar announcement “possible,” but to find out we will only have to wait until the second evening of tomorrow.

Despite the inflexible pace of PlayStation exclusives, Jeff Grubb also called the digital entertainment giant unpredictable. We will keep you updated on upcoming developments, and tomorrow night we will promptly release all the news on Horizon Forbidden West. As for Xbox fans among you, the appointment remains for mid-June.