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Dying Light 2 Release Date Leaked Via Online Retailer

A few days ago a retailer leaked the Collector’s Edition for the upcoming zombie title Dying Light 2, in addition to this, an alleged release date has been leaked today.

At the end of last month, those responsible at Techland promised that the studio would finally like to add new details to Dying Light 2 this year. While the Polish company itself did not provide any more precise details or a possible period, a collector’s edition of the game appeared a few days ago, which was listed by a retailer before the official unveiling and was taken offline again only a short time later.

In addition, the well-known retailer EB Games brought up a possible release date for the title. If the details of the retailer correspond to the facts, then Dying Light 2 will be available from Tuesday, May 25, 2021, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Of course, this date has not yet been officially confirmed. However, the current leaks indicate that Techland will soon be nailing it and announcing both the final release date and the Collector’s Edition for Dying Light 2.

According to a retailer, the Collectors’ Edition of the title includes the main game itself, a flashlight, an art book, a sticker set, a map with the secrets of the game world, a statue and more.

Should Techland finally provide clarity and officially confirm the release date or the Collector’s Edition for Dying Light 2, you will of course find out from us immediately.