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DOOM Zero Expansion Available Now for DOOM & DOOM II With 30 New Levels

With Doom Zero, a free downloadable expansion for Doom and Doom II is now available. There are not less than 32 additional levels waiting to be mastered by you.

Players of the two classic shooters Doom and Doom II who should be looking for new challenges can look forward to today. As Bethesda Softworks and the responsible developers at id Software announced, fresh content is now available for the two old school shooters.

We are talking about the downloadable expansion called Doom Zero, which can be downloaded for free from the main menu of Doom or Doom II and offers a “more pulse-pounding action to enjoy from over 25 years of community-created excellence! For more information on Add-ons.”

The bottom line is that Doom Zero includes, according to official information, not less than 32 new levels, with which the developers at id Software want to celebrate the anniversary of Doom II while remaining true to the playful roots of the cult shooter.

“Despite being faithful to ‘vanilla’ DOOM’s classic gameplay, DOOM Zero still brings its own original ideas to the old-school formula, from branching paths to challenges that’ll get even seasoned Slayers putting on their thinking caps,” can be read on its official blog.

The new releases of Doom and Doom II are available for all common platforms including PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.