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Destiny 2 Crossplay Starts With Season 15 on August 24

As Bungie announced, the crossplay support for Destiny 2 will be available in the online multiplayer shooter with Season 15. This goes hand in hand with the introduction of the new Bungie names, with which your Guardian can be identified across all platforms.

Destiny 2 Season 15 will add crossplay

A few months ago, those responsible at Bungie announced that the online multiplayer shooter Destiny 2 would be given crossplay support. As the US studio announced at the end of the week, the crossplay feature will make its way into the title with Season 15 and allow players on the PC, the PlayStation systems, the Xbox platforms, and Stadia to work together to go on an adventure.

So that you can keep the name of your guardian, the new “Bungie Names” are being introduced parallel to the crossplay feature, with which your guardian is identified across platforms.

According to their own information, the developers of Bungie wanted to prevent your name or the name of your guardian from changing when you log into another platform. The same goes for your friends. According to Bungie, the general game experience in multiplayer would simply have suffered if the Guardian name changed.

It is for this reason that the “Bungie Names” were created, which read: “As such, we’re converting everyone’s name over to an identity that will remain consistent across all platforms you play from. We’re calling this your Bungie Name. While this will cause a one-time naming reshuffle, we feel this is better for everyone in the long run.”

This is what the Bungie names will look like:

  • “Bungie Name”: PlayerName#1234
  • “Display Name”: PlayerName
  • “Hash”: #
  • “Numeric ID”: 1234

Further details on the crossplay feature of Destiny 2 can be found on the official website.