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Dark Souls-like Bleak Faith: Forsaken 9 Minutes of Gameplay Released

Fans of the genre can look forward to another Dark Souls-like adventure, as a freshly published extensive gameplay video of Bleak Faith: Forsaken reveals what is offered in the title.

Bleak Faith: Forsaken gameplay reveal

The Dark Souls-like title Bleak Faith: Forsaken was announced in the summer of 2019 and financed via crowdfunding. The game is in development for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and is now shown in a freshly released gameplay video.

The new gameplay video has a running time of more than 9 minutes and gives you a detailed look at the dark fantasy adventure. You can see different areas and of course the combat system, which is more than obviously based on the Dark Souls series.

Even if the creators behind Bleak Faith: Forsaken are thematically and playfully inspired by role-playing games from FromSoftware, innovative features should also find their way into the game that is not included in titles such as Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

You take control of one of the infamous Forsaken, described as the last defender of humanity against the growing horror of the omnistructure. An open game world is offered, which combines cyberpunk and dark fantasy elements and is intended to invite extensive exploration tours.

Typically Soulslike, your hero defends himself with both weapons and spells. A complex class system and a campaign lasting around 30 hours are also promised.

Bleak Faith: Forsaken has not yet received a release date. Check the new gameplay trailer below.