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Biomutant Will Release on May 25 for PC, PS4, & Xbox One

After a very long wait, Biomutant received a release date today. The open-world role-playing game will be released at the end of May 2021 for consoles and PCs. More news about the kung fu adventure should follow in the coming weeks.

After several postponements and delays, the date for Biomutant has been set, as the open-world role-playing game will release on May 25, 2021, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The new consoles were not mentioned by name. However, Biomutant can also be played on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S thanks to its backward compatibility.

Further details on Biomutant and the release are to be shared in the coming weeks. It is already certain that in addition to a Standard Edition, a Collector’s Edition and an Atomic Edition will also be offered.

Biomutant was announced at Gamescom 2017. After that, it remained to be very quiet, which had an impact on the initially burgeoning hype. In June 2020, Creative Director Stefan Ljungqvist then admitted that there were numerous technical and artistic challenges, especially with such a small team.

With Biomutant you can expect a mythical, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu-RPG that is at home in an open game world. According to the developers, you get a unique martial arts combat system that gives you the opportunity to combine close combat, shooting, and mutation actions.

And the title may also be expanded with additional content. In a previous interview, the makers emphasized that Biomutant could be equipped with downloadable expansions. But before the fear arises, microtransactions are not what the developer claims to be aiming for.