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9 Best Free PC Games For Windows And Mac – Download Now

Here are the nine best free PC games for Windows and Mac Users. Download right know and enjoy playing the best free games for 2021.

Playing games is still one of the best entertainment sources, but the most difficult task is to find a free version of the popular game. Thankfully there are many free PC games you can always download and play. To save your time and effort this article will help you to download the 9 best free pc games for Windows and Mac.

9 Best Free PC Games For Windows And Mac

Each gamer has a different taste in playing games. We have three main categories survival, action/war, and all other games. Take a look at your favorite category and choose your best game under it.

Action/War Games

All those who are in love with the battlefields, guns, ammo, grenade, and many other weapons. For those people, it is the best category.

War Thunder

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A free PC game that is available for both Windows as well as Mac. It’s a vehicular combat multiplayer video game. This game is developed by gaijin entertainment. In the beginning, if you don’t want to rush at extreme war situations then you can play under casual action, it gives you the arcade mode which makes it easy to drop in and wreaks havoc.

You are going to experience air, water, and land combined armed battles. Graphics of the weapons, aircraft, tanks, battleships are all based on World War 1/2, Cold War, Vietnam War, and many others. Which sounds very interesting. War Thunder is free at steam.


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Again a best multiplayer action game. This game is played under two styles either you defend or attack with your opponent players. You will come across various playable agents which you can unlock freely. Each agent has its unique style in the game. You can explore the whole area with every different agent, remember every different agent is going to give you a different experience of the game.

If you become the first team to win the 13 rounds become the winner of the game. This game is developed by Riot Games and was initially released in June 2020. Valorant is can be played with low or high graphic settings according to your PC.

Destiny 2

best free pc games

Destiny 2 is the first player shooting game. In this game, you are in charge of saving humanity from the deadly alien attack. You or your team are the guardians of the earth, sounds quite worthy. By gaining the experience points you can improve the ability of your character.

These three character classes and every class ha their own upgrades, perks, unique abilities, and many more and in these three sub-classes, each character has it different gameplay style. Destiny 2 is free for downloading and it is developed by Bungie Inc.

Counter-Strike – Global Offensive

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CSGO is developed by valve corporation and hidden path entertainment, it is a multiplayer first-person shooter game. In the common game mode, terrorists plant bombs, land mines and you have to stop them, also you have to rescue the hostages from terrorists. Like this, there is a total of 8 game modes and each mode is different from the other. There are various types of guns and weapons that you can explore at every different game mode. Counter-Strike – Global Offensive can be download freely on Windows and Mac PC.

Call Of Duty – Warzone

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Call of duty has various series and each series gives you the best satisfaction, the recently released COD a sequel part of the series has grasped a great craze amongst people. The COD – warzone is developed by raven software and infinity ward.

Warzone has two different major modes one is Plunder and the other is battle royale. In plunder, you have to secure the highest amount of money till the end of the game and under battle royale, you can play in different sub-modes they are a dual, solo, multiplayer, trio. Now you may have got the basic overview of Call Of Duty – Warzone from the above picture and details.


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Fortnite is an online video game that is as similar as PUBG. The difference which you will notice is that you are dropped on an island. Once you are dropped on an island then you have to search for weapons and kill the other opponents and survive till the end of the game.

It can also fall under survival-based games but it includes battlefields, war tanks, and many more. Fortnite is free for download on PC.

Survival Games

All those gamers who love action as well as survival-based atmosphere, this list welcomes all those gamers.

Ranch Simulator

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Ranch simulator is a free video game. The backstory of this game is that a character’s grandfather due to some crisis has stopped the rolling of their ranch. He has left some letters for the character and he gets to know that the whole ranch is now his responsibility.

In this simulator you have to perform some activities like hunting, building a house, taking care of your ranch, exporting raw materials, and many more adventures. This game is developed by the “toxic dog” and check how to download Ranch Simulator

All Other Games

Here are all the other games that are recommended by pro gamers.

Spell Break

best free pc games

It is a third-person shooter video game, with characters having magical abilities. Players get six elemental classes wind, fire, ice, stone, lightning, and toxic. You will enjoy battle royal and clash, a team deathmatch, now clash is replaced by 5v5 mode featuring.

You don’t have to use guns or ammo, but instead of it, you get a gauntlet that has some magical powers. The graphics are too good and you can download Spell Break free of cost.


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India is not the only country where Pubg is banned. This is the lite and free version of PUBG. Like Fortnite, COD warzone, Pubg lite is also the battle royal game. If you are thinking that the lite version of Pubg is not so good then you are wrong it is the same as the original version of PUBG. Definitely, you are going to enjoy these game activities like searching for weapons, run from the red zone, survive till the last player gets killed.

Here we come at the end of our PC games list, some of these games can also be played on ps4, Xbox one too. The highlighted names of the games are the link to the website from where you can download games.