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How To Download Free Ranch Simulator – Ranch Simulator 2022

If you are fond of agriculture, poultry, hunting, construction but due to some reasons you can’t enjoy it, don’t worry you can enjoy all these activities not physically but, virtually.

Ranch Simulator is a multiplayer video game which is launched on Microsoft Windows. You can also note it as a survival-based game. It is going to be adventurous to hunt animals, make your own house, start a poultry farm and earn money to buy necessary items.

The backstory of this game is, the grandfather of the character had a big ranch. So because of the recession, the production and functioning of this ranch have come nearly to an end. You have to start from the beginning and build a big empire. It sounds very interesting to experience this simulator. Now I am going to guide you to download the free version of Ranch Simulator.

Download free Ranch Simulator on your PC

You are nine steps away from downloading Ranch Simulator on your PC.

Download Ranch Simulator

I am going to show you how to download the free version of Ranch Simulator, also going to explain every step to install the game in your Windows.

You may have tried to download this game but it was not visible on your “desktop” or in “downloads” but you may have noticed a WinRAR file. You will feel like, where is my game gone? The game is still on your device because of not installing properly you are not able to run it.

Download Ranch Simulator

Download Ranch Simulator

Website – steamunlocked.net

  • You can search for the above website on any browser. On the main screen of the website, you will find a search box.
  • Enter the game name inside the search box, ‘Ranch Simulator’
  • At the top you will find the game, click on it and it will provide you some information about the game. There will be a green outlined box, with the actual size of the game (6.14 GB)
  • Then a new tab will be opened, where you have to wait for a few seconds, then the Download Now option will appear, click on it.
  • A new tab will be opened or may not, if it is opened close the tab and hit Download Now again. A small tab will be opened again on the same tab, click on OK. Downloading will start.
  • A zip file will be downloaded in your “Downloads”, you can bring that file to your desktop. Right-click on it and choose the option Extract to ‘Ranch Simulator’.
  • A new file will be created on your desktop, open the file and it will have another folder named ‘Ranch Simulator’, open that folder. You will find two more folders inside that file, click again on ‘Ranch Simulator’.
  • In that folder, you will find an application named ‘Ranch_Simulator’, Right-click on it, and select Run as administrator. You can drag that application on your desktop, so it will be easy for you to run whenever you want.
  • Remember whenever you start ‘Ranch Simulator’ always click on Run as administrator to play the game.

This is how you can download Free Ranch Simulator for Windows 10 PC. You can either go and buy or try your luck on the steamunlocked to get free Steam Games.