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Battlefield 6: Skyscrapers Can Be Destroyed, Insider Claims

In the new title of Battlefield 6, you will probably be able to destroy skyscrapers to rubble and ashes. The industry insider and leaker Tom Henderson points this out in two new Twitter posts.

For the first time in the Battlefield series, you should be able to bring down skyscrapers in the new title. This innovation is hinted at by industry insider Tom Henderson in two recently canceled Twitter posts, who has been reporting on the not yet announced Battlefield 6 for months.

Already in Battlefield 5, you could cause a lot of devastation on the battlefield. Among other things, buildings and barricades could be blown up with the help of explosives. With the help of the rocket launcher, you were able to blow a hole in the wall to break through the defenses of the opposing team. Even with a normal firearm, it was possible to damage certain structures.

Thus the destructive elements of the series would be expanded with the new Battlefield title. From a strategic point of view, this opens up completely new possibilities to influence the game to your advantage.

One of the two Twitter posts has an image that illustrates the collapse of a skyscraper. The phrase was “It started with one and ended up with many” was added to the picture. An indication that any building on the map can be destroyed.

Two days ago, the responsible publisher Electronic Arts announced the first facts about the game. The game should be officially presented this spring. The publication is expected in the Christmas season of 2021. We also received an indication of the location: Battlefield 6 represents a return to military warfare.

In Battlefield, 6 you can look forward to maps of huge dimensions, on which up to 128 players will compete against each other. In addition to the above-mentioned destruction mechanics, the options for action should also be expanded and the battles took to a new level. Whether on foot or onboard a vehicle.

The military shooter is in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Presumably, the title will be implemented on the last-gen consoles of PS4 and Xbox One also.

It started with one and ended up with many #Battlefield #Battlefield6 pic.twitter.com/fuJBGkKhu9

— Tom Henderson (@_TomHenderson_) February 4, 2021

Before Game After Game#Battlefield #Battlefield6 pic.twitter.com/zMHnwa2ZTO

— Tom Henderson (@_TomHenderson_) February 4, 2021