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Anthem 2.0 Officially Canceled by EA

As the developers of BioWare admitted, the extensive overhaul of the loot shooter Anthem 2.0 has been canceled. In the future, the game will only be operated in the version that is already available.

After the technically and playfully disappointing start, the loot shooter Anthem was first revised and improved with appropriate updates. A few months after the official release of Anthem it was also announced that the developers at BioWare are working behind the scenes on a new version of the title, which was internally carried under the working title Anthem 2.0.

In a current statement, Executive Producer Christian Dailey went into the extensive revision of the title and admitted that the revised version of the loot shooter has been canceled and will therefore no longer appear.

“Since Anthem’s launch, the team has been working hard to continually improve the game, releasing multiple updates that brought with them a variety of improvements and introduced new content to play. Towards the end of 2019 we expanded on that effort and started working on a more fundamental restructure of the game,” said Dailey.

“During the development we’ve provided updates revealing some of the team’s work through blog posts and conversations with you on social media and it’s been inspiring for us to see the positive reactions and feedback. I’ve been incredibly proud of the work the team has been doing, and excited to see and play each new build of the experience,” Dailey continued.

“2020 was a year unlike any other however and while we continue to make progress against all our game projects at BioWare, working from home during the pandemic has had an impact on our productivity and not everything we had planned as a studio before COVID-19 can be accomplished without putting undue stress on our teams,” Dailey further stated

“It’s also disappointing for the team who were doing brilliant work. And for me personally, Anthem is what brought me to BioWare, and the last two years have been some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my career. Game development is hard. Decisions like these are not easy. Moving forward, we need to laser focus our efforts as a studio and strengthen the next Dragon Age, and Mass Effect titles while continuing to provide quality updates to Star Wars: The Old Republic,” added Dailey in conclusion.

However, this announcement does not mean the end of Anthem. According to BioWare, the loot shooter will continue to be offered and supported in its current form.