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Alan Wake 2 Shotgun Code – How to Find Sawed-Off Shotgun?

Shotgun is locked in a case, which has lock on it. It can only be opened via a number code.

Sawed-Off Shotgun is part of Alan Wake 2 second chapter, where it is locked behind a case. To get the gun you will need a number code. In this Alan Wake 2 weapons guide, you can find info on the location of the Sawed-Off Shotgun and the code that is required to open the weapon case.

Alan Wake 2 Shotgun Code To Unlock

Alan Wake 2 Shotgun Code

Sawed-Off Shotgun is kept in the general store which is towards the south of Witch’s Hut and towards the west of FBC Station. This area will be accessible in Chapter 2: The Heart. Inside the store cross the broken wooden wall on the left and then stop near a wall case. You can spot the gun inside the case hanging on the wall.

The code to unlock the shotgun weapon case is 739. Walk near the case and interact to enter the code. Grab the shotgun which will also give you a trophy. Check out our guide on the Alan Wake 2 Trophy list for more info on achievements. Or else continue reading for more info on weapons in the game.

Alan Wake has different types of weapons like Pistols, Rifles, Crossbows, and Shotguns as mentioned above. There are two characters Saga and Alan, the first one has access to the most weapons as she is an FBI investigating officer. While Alan can only use a Revovler, Flare Gun, and Double-Barrled Shotgun. Most of the weapons are unlocked as you progress to the story mode. Here are a few essential combat tips that you must know if you are playing this game.

Alan Wake 2 Combat Tips and Tricks:

Alan Wake 2 Combat Tips

Flash Light or Torch can be your ultimate weapon, whenever you encounter an enemy with Dark Presence shoot the light first and then use a weapon. You can damage them just by flashing a light on them, or even breaking their dash. When you flash a light on them, some parts of the enemies glow in red. This is their weak point, shooting on the weak red spots will cause faster health drops. Always keep this in mind, when you are dealing with a lot of enemies or a boss.

With each progress, you will find items that can be used to upgrade weapons. It is necessary that you upgrade it with time or else it will be a pain to eliminate enemies in the later chapter. You will unlock a workbench where you can mod and upgrade weapons in Alan Wake 2. Another upgrade that will help you a lot is Words of Power. It is a kind of ability upgrade that will increase Alan’s survival rate against enemies.

They are scattered all around the map and marked as yellow spirals on the map. Find them to level up your character. Try exploring every corner to get supplies, weapons, and collectibles. The game has hidden areas that can be revealed using light, so keep on searching.