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Alan Wake 2 Trophy List: All Achievements Guide

Alan Wake 2 has Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum trophies. In this guide you can find list of all trophies and tips on how to unlock them.

Alan Wake 2 has a ton of trophies to unlock. Some of them will be rewarded as you progress to the main story. But some are locked and hidden behind an objective. This guide has a list of all Alan Wake Trophies from Bronze to Platinum. There are also hints on how to unlock these trophies, as they can be easily missed during the main story.

Alan Wake 2 Trophy List

Below are the Bronze, Silver, and Platinum trophies. Next to them are hints that will help you to unlock them.

Alan Wake 2 Chapter Related Bronze Trophies:

Alan Wake 2 Stories Trophies

  1. Hunting Season – Complete “Return 0: The Cult” chapter.
  2. Somebody’s Home – Complete the “Return 1: Invitation” chapter.
  3. Into the Overlap – Complete the “Return 2: The Heart” chapter.
  4. Back in Watery – Complete the “Return 3: Local Girl” chapter.
  5. We Watch in the Night – Complete the “Return 4: No Chance” chapter.
  6. The Old Gods – Complete the “Return 5: The Old Gods” chapter.
  7. Seeing Double – Complete the “Return 6: Scratch” chapter.
  8. Rock n’ Roll, Baby – Complete the “Return 7: Summoning” chapter.
  9. The Final Deerfest – Complete the “Return 8: Deerfest” chapter.
  10. End of the Road – Complete the “Return 9: Come Home” chapter.
  11. Talk Show – Complete the “Initiation 1: Late Night”.
  12. New York City – Complete the “Initiation 2: Casey”.
  13. Return – Complete the “Initiation 3: Haunting”.
  14. All His Life – Complete the “Initiation 4: We Sing”.
  15. In a Fancy Hotel – Complete the “Initiation 5: Room 665”.
  16. Told & Retold – Complete the “Initiation 6: Return”.
  17. Behind the Masks – Complete the “Initiation 7: Masks”.
  18. The Cult of the Word – Complete the “Initiation 8: Zane’s Film”.
  19. His way Out – Complete the “Initiation 9: Gone”.

Alan Wake 2 Weapon & Combat Related Bronze Trophies:

Alan Wake 2 Combat Related Trophies
Source: Alan Wake 2
  1. Felt Good – Use a Healing item to restore health.
  2. This is the Moment – Avoid enemy attack by dodging.
  3. Escape the Gravity – Escape from an enemy’s grapple using a Hand Flare.
  4. Shining in the Night – Ignite a Hand Flare to scare away enemies.
  5. Stunning Vistas – Use flashbang and stun an enemy.
  6. Gone for Good – Kill an enemy using an explosive.
  7. Chased at Source – Destroy a Source Point, they are red glowing parts of enemies.
  8. Darkness Coiled – Destroy a Darkness Shield.
  9. Aimed Ahead – Kill five enemies with a Headshot.
  10. Growing Stronger – Upgrade a weapon.
  11. Grew Bigger – Increase inventory size by upgrading it.
  12. All Smiles – Fully upgrade any single weapon.
  13. Carry his Words – Find Words of Power upgrade which are marked in the form of yellow spirals on the map. You can locate them using Flashlight on the marked locations.
  14. Nightmare Territory – Get a map.
  15. Storm Cloud – Escape from Dark Presence.
  16. Lawman – Kill Nightiangle, the final boss in Return 2: The Heart chapter.
  17. Bright Falls’Finest – Kill Mulligan & Thornton, the final boss in Return 3: Local Girl.
  18. Girl in Love – Kill Cynthia, the main boss in Return 5: Old Gods.
  19. Filled with Rage – Kill Scratch, the main boss in Return 7: Summoning.
  20. Stop the Monster – Block Taken Thrower’s dash using Flashlight Boost.

Alan Discover Related Bronze Trophies:

Alan Wake 2 Combat Related Trophies
Source: Alan Wake 2
  1. Not the Last – Collect a Manuscript Page.
  2. Secret Stash – Locate and collect a Lunch Box & Cult Stash.
  3. I’II Find You – Collect all Nursery Rhyme Dolls.
  4. Find a Way – Get a screwdriver.
  5. Cut Short – Locate Boltcutters.
  6. Strange Reality – Find answers to Five Nursery Rhyme Puzzles.
  7. Coffee Thermos – Find a Break Room.
  8. Bring It – Lcoate a Sawed-off Shotgun. During the story, you will have a task to get a Heart from the freezer. In the same room look for a locked case and use code 739 to open and get the gun.
  9. Ready to Fight – Locate a Hunting Rifle.
  10. Greatest Hits – Locate a Crossbow.
  11. Stop Right Here – Locate Pump-Action Shotgun.
  12. Find the Light – Locate a Flashlight and revolver.
  13. Lights Shining – Locate a Flare Gun.
  14. Yippee Ki-yay – Locate Double-Barelled Shotgun.
  15. The Koskela Brothers – Watch every Koskela Brothers commercial on TV.
  16. The Trail of the Writer – Watch every Writer’s Journey video on the TV.

Alan Wake 2 Silver Trophies

Alan Wake 2 End Trophy

  1. The Story Come True – Complete the game.

Alan Wake 2 Platinum Trophies

As yet we have traced out a single Platinum Trophy in Alan Wake 2. That is Sisu, is rewarded when you unlock each and every trophy in Alan Wake 2. Otherwise, this will remain locked and will not be added to your achievements list.

We will be adding more info to this guide as we find more trophies in the game. Till then do visit us back and do not forget to check out our Alan Wake 2 guide section for more help on the game.