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Alan Wake 2 Reportedly Enters Full Production, According to Remedy Entertainment

In a new fiscal report, Remedy Entertainment has revealed that Control has surpassed 10 million players and updates on the development of the other projects, the rumored Alan Wake 2, is in full production.

Remedy and Epic Games’ AAA game Alan Wake 2 enters full production

The Northern European studio Remedy Entertainment recently released its financial results for the first half of 2021, revealing not only that it has grossed a lot in the first six months of the year, but also at what point its various projects are in the works.

Tero Virtala, CEO of Remedy, wrote a message in the report in which he revealed at what stage of development there are games such as Condor, the multiplayer spin-off of Control, CrossfireX, and the mysterious second AAA title that according to rumors is Alan Wake 2.

Starting from Control, now available on many platforms, Virtala said that the game has exceeded 10 million players thanks also to the launch on Google Stadia and discounts on shops such as Epic Games Store. Additionally, Remedy has begun to conceive a future, bigger-budget Control-game.

Discussing Condor, announced in June and in the works with 505 Games, Remedy didn’t say much. However, the studio stated that it is a 4 player PvE co-op game set in the world of Control. To find out what this means we will still have to wait a long time.

CrossfireX is still in the works at Remedy, and this project, as well as Crossfire’s HD story mode, are expected to be released this year. Vanguard, Remedy’s free-to-play cooperative game, is still progressing at a good pace, with internal and external gameplay testing reserved for a few lucky ones.

Finally, the new Remedy AAA project in development with Epic Games, the rumored Alan Wake 2, has entered full production. It is also true that in the first months of 2021, Jeff Grubb has in fact declared that the sequel is in development and will be financed by Epic Games. So, all in all, we just have to wait for its official announcement by the publishers themselves.