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Alan Wake 2 Every Password, Safe Combination, PC Password Guide

During your investigation there are many things are locked and they need a password, or pass code. This guide has list of every code and password used in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 is all about investigation and exploration. During your search, you will come across various objects, supply cases, etc which are locked via a password or passcode. The hints are in the nearby region. For example, Rock Rock Tree is a hint where you have to locate two rocks and a tree for a password. Sometimes this can be annoying, so here is an Alan Wake 2 Password Guide. This will save you time by not wandering around for hints instead you can focus to complete your investigation.

Alan Wake 2 All Passwords / Safe Combination To Unloc

Alan Wake 2 Lock Codes

As you explore you will land across locked cases, stash, computers, etc. Below are the common codes and passwords you will need in Alan Wake 2.

  1. Chapter 1 Cult Stash – Enter the following in top-to-bottom order: Two Triangles (1 Pointing Up + 1 Pointing Down), Two Triangles (Both Pointing in the Middle), and Two Triangles (1 Pointing Left + 1 Pointing Right).
  2. Chapter 2 Private Cabin Cult Stash – 658.
  3. Chapter 3: Hunting Shack Lockbox Code – 527. (Unlock Crossbow Code)
  4. Chapter 3: Slow Raoster Cult Stash Code –
  5. Shotgun Code – 739 (Sawed-Off Shotgun).
  6. Wellness Center Computer Password – 170823.
  7. Witchfinder’s Station Computer Password – 2547.
  8. Gift Shop Safe Password – 1-4-6.
  9. TV Studio Door Code – 565 (Old Gods of Asgard locker room).
  10. Souvenir Shop Enigma Mugs – 147 (Chemical Toilets Puzzle).
  11. Souvenir Shop Safe Combination – 146.
  12. Kalevala Knights Workshop – Set up three Symbos in the following top-to-bottom order – Second, First, and third.
  13. Hotel with Sea View Door Code – 25.50: 2550.
  14. Blum’s Computer Password – 170823.
  15. Cult Stash (South-East of Suomi Hall) – 496
  16. General Store Lock code- 739
  17. Streamside cabin lock code – 658.

Most of the stash comes with supplies, that you will need during combat. Like ammos, healing items, etc. What is necessary is your inventory and weapon upgrades. Better weapons mean you can skill stronger enemies easily, and inventory will let you carry more items. With upgrades, the game also has a lot of items to collect in the form of collectibles. Some of them are part of the main story where you cannot progress unless you find it.

Will be updating this guide with more lock codes and passwords soon. Till then you can try out Alan Wake 2 Guides section for more info and tips on the game.