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Abandoned Trailers App Preload Available from July 29 on PS5

After a recent delay, the mysterious PlayStation 5 game Abandoned will now be officially presented in August and interested players can download its Trailers App this month.

Abandoned Trailers App download available starting July 29

Actually, the mysterious PlayStation 5 title Abandoned, which is in development at Blue Box Game Studios, should be presented later this month in August. One of the peculiarities of the reveal of Abandoned will be the fact that the title will be presented to us in the form of real-time trailers.

As the makers of Blue Box Game Studios announced, the app required for this can already be downloaded this month. The free app will therefore be made available on July 29, 2021.

While the official introduction of the real-time trailer app will follow on August 10, 2021, the official presentation of Abandoned has not yet been given a date and it will take place at a later date in August 2021. According to the developer, the title is an exciting survival shooter experience in which even the smallest mistake can be fatal.

In the past few weeks, Abandoned and the developers of the Blue Box Game Studios have repeatedly been associated with a possible Silent Hill project. Among other things, the players collected indications that we might be dealing with another marketing success, behind which there is a new title by Hideo Kojima or a comeback of the Silent Hill series.

Speculations, which the studio has denied several times in the recent past. In other news, the download size of the game’s Trailers App was leaked by the PlayStation Store.