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Abandoned Trailer App for PS5 Delayed to August

Blue Box Studios has decided to delay the launch of its Abandoned trailer app on PS5, which was going to arrive today on the next-generation console. Finally, it will not be possible to download it until August.

Abandoned Trailer app for PS5 delayed

Hasan Kahraman, principal responsible for Blue Box Studios and director of Abandoned, announced today through the studio’s official Twitter account that the long-awaited trailer app of the game for PS5, the one that includes a mysterious trailer in real-time, will not be available until August.

This is the second time this release has been delayed: it was originally going to be released on June 22, but those responsible for the game decided to postpone its premiere until June 25, that is, until today.

While fans and followers of Abandoned were waiting for news about this trailer app, Kahraman has published a video in which he explains that, although they are grateful for all the attention that their horror game is receiving, they have decided to delay the launch of the application until August because they want to “make a solid first impression” of the project.

He assures that they want to live up to expectations and that this would not be possible when launching it today because they have had to deal with a last-minute bug and have to tweak other aspects, such as the location.

Anyway, it will not be today when we get rid of doubts about the true nature of Abandoned, a first-person horror game created by an independent studio that has been gaining popularity thanks to a theory that suggests that it could be a new Silent Hill developed by Hideo Kojima, although its main person in charge has even come to the fore to deny that claim.