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Report Someone On Discord – Here Is How?

If you find something inappropriate on your Discord, report it with the help of these simple steps.

Many times some Discord users send or share something that can be offensive, harm-causing, or inappropriate for some users. In this situation, you would want to report the user to Discord support but do not how to. So, in this guide, we have mentioned simple steps that you can follow to report someone on Discord. Also, learn what steps are taken after your concern is received by the Discord community.

Steps To Report Someone On Discord

steps to report

To report a user, there are different steps needed to be followed, on Desktop and Mobile. But, reporting a person, message, or content is very easy and simple. So, follow the steps as explained below to raise the concern that you have been facing to make Discord a safe place.

Report On Desktop

To report the user from your Desktop, either go to the Desktop app or website. Now, follow the below-given steps to raise the issue on Discord:

  • First, on your Desktop go to Discord Support website.
  • Now, from the web page, click on the Submit A Request option.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, click on Trust And Safety option.
  • Now, from the web page, submit the required information in the tabs.
  • After this, under the message link option, put the link to the User ID that you want to report or the message.
  • Finally, click on Submit Report and your report will be submitted.

Thus, in this way, you can report a user on your Discord Chat or profile. Now, if you do not how to copy the message or user ID link, follow the below-given steps:

  • First, open the chat from where you want to report the user.
  • Now, click on the User’s Profile Image.
  • Then, under the profile name, there is the User ID that you want to report.
  • Finally, copy the ID and paste it into the required report field.

To copy the message, go to the message you want to report>click on three dots on the right side of the message>from the options, click on the copy message link. Thus the message that you want to report will get copied and you can paste it in the report form.

Report On Mobile App

Reporting from the mobile app is quite easier than the web. To report from the mobile app, press and hold the message that you want to report>click on report>then, confirm. Finally, your message and User have been reported to the Discord support team.

Another method from the mobile could be using the same Discord Support web page. Go to the Discord Support page>click on three horizontal lines on the top>click on the Submit A Request option>choose Trust And Safety from the drop-down menu>fill in the form to report the user>copy the message or ID from your Discord>then, click on Submit. Finally, your report has been submitted.

What Happens After You Report Someone On Discord?

Now, once the report has been submitted, what happens to the User ID? So, after the report has been received by the Discord Support team, they analyze if the content violates the privacy and guidelines. If yes, actions like disabling the account, removing the server, and more such actions are taken against the user ID.

These are the simple steps by which you can report someone on Discord if something is inappropriate or harmful. Also, you know what steps are taken after reporting someone from Discord. Now, to know more about Discord and its other features, refer to these guides on TechnClub – Super Reactions On Discord or Un-Timeout Someone On Discord.

Guide Source – GamerTweak