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How To Mark An Image As A Spoiler In Discord

Learn how to Mark an Image as a Spoiler in Discord from this guide.

Discord is a social platform where people of different backgrounds can meet and can Text Chat, Voice calls, Video calls, and more. Along with these features, you can send Media files like Photos & Videos. Sometimes, you would want to share some sensitive information like Movie Spoilers, Sensitive News, Surprises, etc. In Discord you can share such information pretty easily by hiding it, this is the Spoiler feature. The Spoiler feature in Discord allows the user to share information without revealing what it is by hiding it behind a clickable screen. In today’s article, I will show you how to Mark an Image as Spoiler in Discord.

How to Mark an Image as a Spoiler in Discord

image spoiler in discord


There are multiple ways of marking Images as Spoilers in Discord and they are listed below.

Uploading an Image to mark as Spoiler

Use the Upload a File button and search for the image you want to send. This button is located to the left of the Text bar. After you have selected your image, it should be displayed in Discord with 2 options. Them being the Edit or Delete buttons indicated by a Pencil and a Trash Bin respectively. Click on the Edit Button and a window will pop up. In this Window, there will be a Checkbox that says Mark as a spoiler. Check it and send the Image. It will become a Spoiler in Discord.

Renaming an Image

Another way you can mark an Image as a Spoiler is by renaming it. Find your Image on PC and rename it by adding the prefix SPOILER_ and then your Image name. Save the name and then just share it in Discord. This will automatically mark the Image as a Spoiler.

Marking Text as a Spoiler

Text in Discord can also be marked as Spoiler. Just select the text you have typed before sending it. Once highlighted, Discord will give you some Quick Edit options. Among those will be an Eye icon when once active will mark your Text as a Spoiler. Another way is by writing your Text like ||Text||. This gives you the flexibility to mark certain parts of your Text as Spoiler.

These were the ways on how to Mark an Image & Text as Spoiler in Discord. You cannot Mark an already Sent Image or Text as a Spoiler so make sure you do the proper changes. These methods will even work on Mobile. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on Discord Permissions Calculator & Play Music From Spotify Or Pandora in Discord.