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What Is Discord Nitro And How Much Does It Cost?

Discord Nitro is a kind of Discord currency that allows users to buy customization, avatars, or unlock new features. Here are some more details on how Discord Nitro works and how to buy it?

With Discord Nitro, you can get access to a variety of features at a low cost that makes Discord even more enjoyable. Discord is already quite popular, especially among the newer generation and it’s only getting more popular. With a Nitro subscription, you can unlock additional perks and features such as custom emojis, higher-size file uploads, HD streaming, and much more. Let’s get into the details of what Nitro is and how much it cost to buy it.

How does Nitro work in Discord and how much does it Cost?

discord nitro benefits

Discord Nitro is a subscription service that lets you access additional features and perks at a cost. Here is a list of things you can have access to once you buy a Nitro subscription.

  • Custom emojis and stickers: You can use custom emojis and stickers on any Discord server, not just the ones you own.
  • HD streaming: You can stream videos and games in high definition.
  • File uploads up to 500MB: You can upload larger files, like game mods and screenshots.
  • Animated avatars: Your avatar will move and emote when people interact with you.
  • 2 Server Boosts: You can boost two servers of your choice, which gives them access to exclusive features.

Servers in Discord are the main part of interacting with Discord. Users can make servers and invite people into the server. This creates a community of like-minded people. Servers can be based on topics or cultures or whatever the user decides. With Nitro, you can Boost a server of your choice which increases their progress towards unlocking certain perks. The more people boost a server, the more features it will have access to.

How much does Discord Nitro cost?

discord nitro subscriptions

Discord Nitro costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. There is also a Nitro Basic plan that costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Nitro Basic includes a few of the benefits of Nitro, like custom emojis and stickers, but it doesn’t include HD streaming, file uploads up to 500MB, or animated avatars.

If you’re a Discord user who wants to get the most out of the platform, Discord Nitro is a great option. It’s a relatively affordable subscription that gives you access to a variety of features and perks. So, that is all the details on Discord Nitro and how much it costs. Since you are a Discord user, you might also be interested in knowing how to schedule messages and events on Discord and how to install Discord on Steam Deck.