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Best Groovy & Rythm Bots Alternative For Discord

Groovy bot is discontinued and Rythm bot is on the verge of shutting down. Here are some of the best alternative music bots you can try today.

Music bots on Discord let users stream live music on their private channels or servers. You don’t have to force your users to visit a separate link. Instead, Discord bots allow you to pull in the feature when you need them the most. For example, you can instantly play any popular music from Spotify inside a channel with the help of the Rythm bot. Groovy bot was one similar that was discontinued due to strike from YouTube. Thankfully there are a few bunches of more bots still alive and active.

10 Best Groovy and Rythm Bots Alternative for Discord

Best Groovy Bot Alternative

The list includes only active bots with a little bit of description about what they offer. In case you need a more descriptive article on best Discord Music bots then hit the link or keep reading.

  1. Octave
  2. Hydra
  3. Chip
  4. MEE6
  5. ChillBot
  6. FredBoat
  7. Vexera
  8. BMO
  9. 24/7
  10. Mantaro

The above list consists of the ten best music bots for Discord. They are currently the best alternative to Groovy or Rythm bot. In case Rythm also goes down you can pick one from this list and enjoy playing music. However, they have some limitations, Groovy and Rythm are two of the best music bots for Discord. They were quite popular and easy to use. Also using them you can stream audio music from Youtube, Spotify, etc. Groovy is down as it allows users to stream music from YouTube without streaming the video. This is not right as per the platform policy and so it has to face Cease and Desist from Google.

You can start with Octave, a popular free Discord bot that is quite active for 4 years and can provide you smooth music streaming from major sources. With this, you can use the bot to manage user roles to have more control over permissions. Hydra is the second-best music bot on the list which can stream music from all major platforms. You can also upload an audio file and play it for your users. A kind of radio feature where you can stream audio of your choice. The third best music bot for Discord is Chip. Similar to the other two it can stream music from YT, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Mixter Twitch, etc. You can use commands to manage the music and can also fast forward a part of a track. Chip can display lyrics and create a list of all tracks in the form of a text file. The best part of Chip Music bot is it gives you powerful audio controls like bass boost, equalizer, vocal/treble boost, etc.

So this was our list of best Groovy and Rythm bot alternatives for Discord. We have more interesting guides on Discord, for example, how to add a Custom Emoji in Discord or How to play music via Mic on Discord. Which is a no-bot way of playing music on the chat messenger.