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Xbox Game Pass Gets 3 New Day One Games Today

From today, you can download 3 new unreleased games for free on Xbox Game Pass, including SpiderHeck, Beacon Pines and more.

From today onwards, the subscribers enrolled in Xbox Game Pass will be able to access 3 new, unreleased free games: these are in fact additions that have arrived on the occasion of their day one launches and, consequently, particularly interesting for fans. Check out the list of new day one games coming to Xbox Game Pass today below.

Xbox Game Pass: 3 New Day One Games Available Now

xbox game pass adds 3 new day one games

The September 2022 line-up for the subscription service of Xbox Game Pass is once again strengthened with 3 other great games, which will be officially available for download starting in the next few hours.

At the time of writing this article, the new free games are not yet downloadable on consoles and PCs, but will be officially unlocked shortly: they will therefore be the next gifts coming after a great former PS5 exclusive.

In a few hours, you will therefore be able to officially download SpiderHeck, Beacon Pines, and Slime Rancher 2 via Xbox Game Pass: they are therefore very different games and able to offer unique gameplay experiences.

SpiderHeck is a frantic brawler in which you will see spiders face off with lightsabers, rocket launchers, and grenades in chaotic scenarios: you can either face different waves of enemies in single-player gameplay or have fun with your friends in local multiplayer.

Beacon Pines is instead a cute and disturbing adventure at the same time, set within a mysterious book: in this title, you will play both the role of readers and that of the protagonist himself.

Last but not least, Slime Rancher 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the title that has welcomed over 10 million fans around the world: you will continue your journey to Rainbow Island in this colorful mix of adventure and first-person life simulation.

Microsoft has not yet officially announced the time at which it will be possible to download the new free Xbox Game Pass games, but you will most likely be able to start accessing them as early as late afternoon: we, therefore, recommend that you keep an eye on the catalog to prepare for their upcoming debut.

On the other hand, we take this opportunity to remind you that 12 games will leave the service at the end of this September month: our advice is undoubtedly to check the list carefully and try them once before it’s too late.