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Will Nintendo Switch Get A New Controller Soon? A Leak from FCC Suggests

According to a filing by Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Nintendo Switch is soon going to get a new controller.

According to a document recently filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a new controller for the Nintendo Switch console may soon arrive.

Nintendo Switch New Controller Will Be Available Soon?

According to a recent request filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Nintendo Switch may soon get a new controller, similar to those already on the market. It is interesting to note how the characteristics and the name are explicitly hidden, at least until the moment of the official announcement.

The leak was reported by Twitter user @SamusHunter2, where it is noted that the identification number is HAC-043, similar to HAC-042, used for the recent SNES wireless controller for Switch. This number, therefore, seems to confirm that it could be a very particular model, as well as the previously released controllers.

The controller will then be connectable with Bluetooth technology, as is already the case with the Joy-Con and the Pro Controller, together with the possibility, recently arrived, to also connect headphones to the hybrid console. It is important to note that no images or diagrams were circulated within the request, as was the case for the HAC-042 model.

In particular, Nintendo explicitly requested that no image or booklet will be visible for 180 days, which started yesterday, September 16, the day the request was submitted.

The 180 days, which are equivalent to about three months, will then expire towards December, a period in which Nintendo could announce a new controller and the possibility of expanding the services related to Nintendo Switch Online.

At the moment the company has not yet confirmed or denied the various possibilities, leaving fans waiting for further news. The document can also be publicly consulted at this link, remembering, however, that there are no images or details yet.