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Sony Will Launch PS5 Officially in China During Q2 2021

It’s official, the new Sony console, PS5, is getting ready to make its official debut in China during the second half of 2021!

According to what emerged from a recent tweet from well-known analyst Daniel Ahmad, the Japanese giant Sony confirmed the launch of PS5 in China in a special greeting video to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

For the uninitiated, PS4 made its debut in China only in March 2015, two years after its official release in America and Europe, so the arrival of PlayStation 5 in the Chinese market will be much faster, given that at the moment Asian gamers are importing consoles from overseas markets such as the United States and Japan.

Moreover, from what is apparent from the tweet of Daniel Ahmad, the console version available in China will be identical to that found in the West, although it probably will be set up of regional blocks for certain online services at the launch.

We report in detail the analyst’s words below:

Sony China has confirmed that it plans to officially launch the PlayStation 5 in Mainland China during Q2 2021.

Tatsuo Eguchi, the president of SIE Shanghai and Soeda Takehito, the vice chairman, confirmed the new today in a special Chinese New Year greetings video.

PlayStation 5 hardware was originally approved for sale back in December and final preparations are currently underway, including the relevant approval of software.

The PS4 originally launched in March 2015 for China, so PS5 will be faster.