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Silent Hill Creator’s New Horror Game Will “Mess With The Player’s Mind”

Kazunobu Sato, the mind behind the first chapter of Silent Hill, talks about his new horror game which is in development at Bokeh Game Studio.

Silent Hill creator’s new horror game details

The official YouTube channel of Bokeh Game Studio, the new independent development house founded by Kazunobu Sato and Keiichiro Toyama, published a new episode of “Focus,” the usual appointment in which details are revealed on the new horror game of the studio coming out in 2023 on PC first and later on consoles.

The episode in question focuses mostly on Sato’s path, from the production of the first video games to the foundation of the new software house, but there is no lack of details on the new project.

“The current game we are working on may sound abstract,” Kazunobu Sato explained during the interview. “When I first heard the concept from Toyama I thought it was going to be a terrible game, but in a good way though [laughs]. The reason I describe it this way is that in order to achieve every goal there is a sacrifice you have to make, however, in this game the scale of these sacrifices takes is quite nasty.”

“The choice whether you follow that path or not comes down to the player, and I think – in fact – that it is terrible to ask for something like how the game will mess with the player’s mind. It gouges you in a good way. This is what attracted me to it. If we stick to that path, I believe that many players will enjoy the game,” Sato concluded.

Toyama has already done a great job with Silent Hill and Siren, and over the past few years, he has shown himself to be a great creative thanks to projects like Gravity Rush. This new video game is practically a return to origins, and the hope is that it will prove to be a horror game that lives up to expectations.