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PS5 “Pro” Controllers Will Be Officially Available Soon – Report

PlayStation 5 owners may soon be getting a new DualSense "Pro" controller.

In a recent report, the insider Tom Henderson has revealed that Sony is preparing to announce new PS5 Pro controllers. Check out all the details about the new PlayStation 5 “Pro” Controllers below.

Official PS5 “Pro” Controllers Available Soon

PlayStation 5 Pro Controllers Will Be Officially Available Soon

There were some rumors and speculation for days now about PlayStation holding an event at the end of June 2022. Jason Schreier, a journalist at Bloomberg, stated that we will soon have new information about God of War Ragnarok, possibly related to the game’s launch. But it looks like not only that, but Sony is also planning to reveal some pieces of hardware over the next few weeks.

Such hardware is not the much-suggested PS5 Pro, but components that accompany the current console. And in this case, investigative journalist Tom Henderson has published a new article that mentions the existence of a Pro controller for the PlayStation 5.

According to Henderson, the control’s codename would be “Hunt”. In his report for Try Hard Guides, Henderson mentions that the new PS5 Pro controller will feature detachable sticks, trigger locks, and back buttons. Visually, the controller design maintains the classic look and feel of the PS5’s traditional DualSense controller.

Tom claims to have seen the prototype of the controller, but his source requested anonymity, so he has not published the image in question.

In conclusion, according to Henderson, the source in question mentioned that the control should be revealed “soon”. He correlated the possible announcement with the fact that PlayStation is allegedly bringing news soon. On the downside, this is not guaranteed to happen in the State of Play. And when it comes to hardware news, it is possible that the reveal will take place through an isolated announcement.

Sony could therefore be eyeing the side of premium gamepads. Therefore, we can only wait for more news about this likely “DualSense Pro Controller”.