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Nvidia Set to Unveil Three New RTX Super Series Cards at CES 2024

Based on a leaked embargo dates by Nvidia, the GPU manufacturer is all set to reveal three new cards next year.

In a highly anticipated move, Nvidia is gearing up to reveal three new additions to its 40 series catalog, according to confirmed reports stemming from a leaked embargo date disclosed by Videocardz.com. The upcoming releases are slated to include the RTX 4070 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, and RTX 4080 Super, promising enhanced performance and cutting-edge features. The grand unveiling of these graphics cards is scheduled to take place at CES 2024, where Nvidia is expected to showcase its latest technological advancements.

RTX 40 Series Super Leak

As Nvidia gears up for the release of its highly anticipated RTX 40 Super Series, enthusiasts, reviewers, and board partners are advised to prepare for a series of embargo dates that vary between MSRP and non-MSRP cards. With a total of over 7 embargo dates in the pipeline for the RTX 40 Super, the gaming community is in for a flurry of activities surrounding the new graphics card lineup. The embargo dates, as disclosed by Videocardz.com, are crucial milestones for those eager to explore and assess the capabilities of these GPUs. Stay tuned as we provide a comprehensive list of the embargo dates, enabling stakeholders to stay ahead and plan for the upcoming wave of reviews and analyses.

Embargo Dates Revealed for Nvidia’s RTX 40 Super Series: MSRP vs. Non-MSRP

  1. January 8 (9AM PT): RTX 4070/4070 Ti/4080 SUPER announcement.
  2. January 8 (2AM PT): RTX 4070SUPER Unboxing.
  3. January 16 (6AM PT): RTX 4070 SUPER non-MSRP Reviews & Product Launch (On-shelf).
  4. January 17 (6AM PT): RTX 4070 Ti SUPER MSRP Reviews.
  5. January 23 (6AM PT): RTX 4070 SUPER MSRP Reviews.
  6. January 24 (6AM PT): RTX 4070 Ti SUPER non-MSRP Reviews & Product Launch (On-shelf)
  7. January 30 (6AM PT): RTX 4080 SUPER MSRP Reviews.
  8. January 31 (6AM PT): RTX 4080 SUPER non-MSRP Reviews & Product Launch (On-shelf)

Along with this few more models leaked with the dates, such as RTX 4090D for China and RTX 3060 6GB. All announcement related to the new line of GPUs is set to hit in January. Enthusiasts can mark their calendars for a wave of fresh announcements and unboxing embargoes set to commence on January 8, 2024.