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Nintendo Switch Lite New Color “Blue” Announced, Launches May 21

Nintendo today unveiled a new color for the Nintendo Switch Lite console. After showing the Gray, Yellow, and Coral colors, the new cool Blue color for Nintendo Switch Lite will officially arrive on May 21st.

Almost coincidentally, this is actually the same release date as the Miitopia exclusive. Nintendo Switch Lite made its debut on September 20, 2019, and continues to be particularly supported by Nintendo with new colors too, after the Coral that arrived in 2019.

This is an announcement that – even if on the one hand it adds a beautiful color to the console lineup -, does not bode well for a possible Nintendo Switch Pro, which users obviously hoped was the next announcement by the Japanese company.

Fortunately, however, the new color of Nintendo Switch Lite could really be able to make players happy, given its rendering that looks really beautiful. As always, all the buttons on this Nintendo console are white, from the levers to the backbones.

Currently, however, the market does not present real models dedicated to some games as happened for the classic Nintendo Switch, although there is no lack of accessories such as the themed Joy-Con.

So we just have to wait until May 21 to try this new color of the console firsthand, waiting as always for further news from the software house, especially with regard to new models and colors for its latest platform, which is now unstoppable on the sales front.