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New Switch 2 Set to Debut Flash Card Slot Supporting Global Firmware

We might get to here about new Nintendo Switch 2 anytime this month.

Based on a leak on the ResetEra forums, there are indications that we might receive an announcement for the New Nintendo Switch 2 sometime in December 2023. The leak featured a video showcasing an upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 device utilized by a beta tester. Although this could still be a rumor, the video shared on Platform X appears to be authentic.

The Switch 2 is expected to support all firmware and console types, enabling gamers from all regions to play on the portable console. This represents a notably outstanding upgrade in the Switch 2 design. Opening it up for all regions will eliminate many restrictions from the console, allowing players worldwide to access and purchase Nintendo games. According to a tweet, Nintendo plans to commence shipping the first units of Switch 2 from January 2024 onwards.

Switch 2 Leaked

The video on Platform X highlights the new flash-card type slot that enables users to play games directly from the card itself, resembling the popular PS CDs among console players. This feature allows users to share games or purchase the disk version directly from various platforms. There is a possibility we might witness such a change in the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2.

During an interview, Nintendo’s president confirmed support for the current-gen console until March 2025. The company will continue releasing new Nintendo Switch software, enabling players to enjoy new IPs on their existing console model. The latest Switch 2 will feature an OLED screen with remarkable clarity and upgrades.

Regarding the design, there is hardly any leak suggesting that the new Switch 2 will feature a flash-type card slot. It appears that this card slot is not limited to playing games but may introduce advanced features. The current Switch model includes expansion slots where users can use a microSD card to extend the storage up to 2TB. The video on Platform X is revealing a significant change in the design.

Source: Resetera.com