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Is there a iPhone 15 8GB RAM Model?

In this guide, find out the latest news about iPhone 15 coming with 8 GB RAM model and other rumors about its Display, chipset, and Design.

Each year, Apple brings significant improvement to its new iPhones in many aspects including camera, design, etc. While we wait for the upcoming iPhone 15 which is about to be announced in the coming September, there are rumors about its specifications, one of which is about Apple increasing the RAM of their upcoming iPhone 15 to 8GB. Let’s find out more in detail about this and other rumored specifications in this guide.

iPhone 15 Pro with 8GB RAM?

iPhone 14 Pro Max
Representation – iPhone 14 Pro Max

In a recent report, TrendForce a Taiwanese research firm stated that “Apple will bump up the capacity and specifications of the DRAM solutions featured in the next generation of the iPhone that is scheduled for release this year.”  If this is true, we could expect the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max with 8GB of RAM, while the base iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will be settled with 6GB of RAM, potentially having an LPDDR5 variant.

This might be a great jump considering the last time Apple increased RAM was with the iPhone 12 with 6 GB of RAM. Currently, all the variants of iPhone 14 are available with up to 6 GB of RAM. Accordingly, this RAM upgrade will definitely increase the overall speed and performance of this upcoming device. Learn about the other potential specification of the iPhone 15 series below.

Expected iPhone 15 Specifications

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max variants reportedly will feature the new Apple A17 Bionic chipset, which will significantly improve the overall speed and processing capacity of the device. Additionally, the body of the device will have a glass panel with a titanium metal frame and include a thicker camera bump with a USB-type C port. While the base iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will have an aluminum frame around.

Speaking of the display, the iPhone 15 reportedly will house thine bezels and round corners display panel from Samsung this time with maximum brightness reaching 2500 nits, not to forget the Wi-Fi 6E enabling high-speed connectivity and networking. One leak suggests Apple adding a new action button with 9 different customizable options.

As of now, Apple is yet to announce any official details about the upcoming iPhone 15 Series, which will be revealed in the coming Apple event in the month of September. And that’s everything you need to know about the specifications of the upcoming iPhone 15 regarding its RAM. While you are here, check out other news and information regarding iPhone 15.