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Babylon’s Fall Announced for PS5, Closed Beta Date & New Gameplay Trailer

The upcoming action game of PlatinumGames Babylon’s Fall has got a new trailer. In addition, Square Enix shared additional information in additional developer interviews.

Babylon’s Fall closed beta registration until July 5, 2021

Yesterday night, Square Enix and the responsible developers at PlatinumGames gave another look at the upcoming action game Babylon’s Fall. In the new trailer, you can see a few more gameplay scenes that underline the familiar action for which PlatinumGames has always been known.

In Babylon’s Fall, the players experience a fantasy world in which everything revolves around a tower called “Babylon”. With up to four players, you can plunge into different dungeons to fight your opponents, collect new equipment and gradually improve yourself. As those responsible have also announced, more game modes will be offered after the release. These should be submitted free of charge.

Furthermore, Square Enix has announced that Babylon’s Fall will no longer only be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam). Rather, a PlayStation 5 version is to be released. However, those responsible have still not announced a release date. Accordingly, it can only be speculated when the PlatinumGames title will come onto the market.

First, the developers want to hold a closed beta. You can register for the beta on the official site until July 5, 2021. The test phase is to begin on the PC at the end of July and will follow in further test periods on the PlayStation 4 and finally on the PlayStation 5. No dates have yet been set for the tests on consoles.

In addition to the new gameplay trailer, two developer interviews were also made available, during which those involved answered further questions.

We remind you that there were many other games that were shown during the Square Enix event, such as the brand new Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.