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AMD Stalls AM6 Announcement: Early 2026 Unveiling Ruled Out

In a recent interview AMD's VP shared some valuable insights on how long AMD's plans to hold AM5.

AMD’s AM5 was first unveiled in the year 2022, and since that time, it has maintained its position without any leaks or updates regarding the upcoming AM6 chipset. The AM5 is powered by Zen 4 processors, proving to be a successful product for the chip manufacturer.

AMD AM6 Chipset

Recently, during an interview, AMD’s Vice President & GM of the Client Channel Business, David McAfee, shared some insights about how long AMD plans to retain the AM5 chipset for its end-users. From his statement, it is clear that AMD intends to continue with the chipset until 2025 and beyond. It appears that AMD is committed to keeping the AM5 socket in the main production line until there is a need to introduce the AM6 chipset for performance gains.

It absolutely still stands! I think that we certainly recognized that the longevity of the AM4 platforms was one of the biggest reasons that led to the success of Ryzen and as we think and as we think about the future, 2025 and beyond, that decision to move to a next-generation socket is one that’s going to be really thought through really really carefully” – Source: Tweaktown

AMD’s Zen 4 CPU model has proven to be a formidable processor, delivering both excellent performance and affordability. Take, for instance, the AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D, an ideal choice for gaming that offers exceptional value with its 8 Zen 4 Cores. For those in the mid-range segment, gamers can still opt for a Ryzen 5 series CPU paired with a mid-range gaming motherboard. The entire series caters to a spectrum of choices, ranging from high-end gaming to mid-range configurations.

Amid discussions circulating on social media platforms, there’s speculation that AMD plans to release the AM6 chipset after 2026. This conjecture arises from enthusiast discussions scrutinizing AMD’s upcoming launches. With modern games demanding increased processing power, especially for simultaneous gameplay and streaming, the necessity for a high-end, optimized chipset becomes apparent.