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What Are Burner Phones & And When To Use It?

Burner Phones are used for temporary purposes and are discarded instantly, kind of a spy thing. Here is everything you need to know about Burner Phones.

Burner Phone if you have ever heard of is quite an interesting device to look for. They are built for short-term usage, not like your Android or iPhone. And once used can be discarded instantly without a trace. So if you are in some kind of spy job and looking for something for short-term communication then Burner Phones are the best fit. But are Burner Phone Lega? Are Burner Phones used by Criminals? Here is an answer to all the queries.

What is a Burner Phone and When to Use It?


Burner phones are not illegal as they seem in every crime drama. These phones are bought for short-term use and they have a prepaid balance on them. They are cheap, mostly number pad phones that can be discarded after their use or when the balance is finished. But it is up to its owner, they can get it recharged for more use too.

When Is Burner Phone Used?

  • For privacy: It is not hidden that our numbers are shared everywhere from online sites to offline platforms, to be more precise we have to input our numbers everywhere to get access. In such cases, it is better to use these phone numbers, especially if it’s just a one-time use site or feature.
  • To get rid of spam: Many countries have given their citizens the facility of stopping spam calls by sending SMS to their service provider. Even though it’s a good facility, it only blocks calls, so if you are troubled by messages you can use this number on those sites that send you messages and automated calls.
  • During adventure: These phones are cheap and due to their old style design strong in comparison to new models. It is especially preferred by hikers, as them losing or breaking this phone wouldn’t be as painful as if this happens with an expensive phone.
  • When traveling far: It is handy to carry these devices when you are visiting a foreign country that charges hefty roaming charges.
  • For protection: It is often the case that you are approached by people who ask for your number and you cannot put them down for some reason, you can just give them this phone number. Better safe than sorry.
  • As a backup: you can just keep it with yourself for emergency cases. Like when your primary phone is stolen, broken, or lost.

Even though burner phones are one of the best options for privacy, it might happen that you don’t want to carry another phone with you, you can use burner sims and burner number apps too. They are a cost-friendly option.