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How To Get iPhone Same Day Battery Replacement?

Want a fix for your iPhone on the same day or at your Doorstep, then here are some of the best plans to vouch for.

A bad iPhone battery can take upto three to five days time to get replaced under the AppleCare+ program. If your battery is not charging then you can get a replacement for free under a warranty. But if the device is out of warranty then the charge for iPhone battery replacement lies between $49 to $69 depending on the model. Under AppleCare+ you can arrange a shipment and send it to Apple, or you can walk into an Apple store also. From taking an appointment for repair to getting the battery finally replaced takes a minimum of weeks time. Thankfully there are some ways to get same-day battery replacement and this is not free even if your device is under warranty.

How to Claim iPhone Same Day Battery Replacement?

Apple officially does not provide this service. iPhone doorstep or instant battery replacement is offered by third-party services. This is a chargeable service, and also can void your phone warranty. The services can be used under emergency conditions.

iPhone Same Day Replacement

  1. Look on Google Maps for Apple Repair services.
  2. Based on your location you will find some third-party Apple products repair centers.
  3. Connect to them and share the phone model number.
  4. Based on that you can negotiate the price of the battery and get it replaced instantly.

This method is quite not recommended for those whose iPhones are under warranty. You’re warranty voids if it’s not fixed by the Authorized repair center. Most of these repair centers used genuine Apple replacement parts.

iPhone Same Day Replacement

A second way to get iPhone’s same-day battery replacement is by buying the original battery from BestBuy. And then finding a repair center to get it replaced. The issue lies with finding a genuine battery. You can still scan through the different listings and locate the batter you can look for. There are many other online sites that offer battery replacement for iPhone devices new or old. Locating a genuine product and then getting it fixed by a skilled technician is all needed to get a same-day iPhone battery replacement.

Also do not forget to troubleshoot your iPhone before going for a replacement. There can be some factors that can cause fast-power drain, no charging, etc. The battery life of the iPhone does fall down with time due to extensive usage, improper charging, or overcharging. Some of the basic battery issues can be resolved with common troubleshooting.