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How To Transfer Contacts From One Android Phone To Another Smartphone?

Here is how to transfer contacts from an old phone to a new android phone or a new device. Guide on transferring contacts via Bluetooth Import/Export.

Bought a new Android Phone and scared to lose your contacts? Well, do not worry it is extremely simple. You can sync contacts between two Android smartphones using Bluetooth, via SIM Card, Google Contact Sync, or via an external app.

Four Easiest Ways To Transfer Contacts From Android To Android

With these four ways you are going to save your time and can transfer contacts within a few minutes, you can go for offline or online methods, whichever you find more convenient.

Via Bluetooth

Sharing via Bluetooth, this method has been followed since long back thus, it is the easiest way to transfer not only contacts but also other data.

  • Turn ON and pair Bluetooth from both android devices.
  • Go in your contacts and You can select contact manually or choose the select all option, head towards the share option.
  • Hit on Bluetooth and accept the file transfer notification which will pop up on another device. Now you can find all the contacts in your other android phone.

Share contacts through SIM Card

If you took a new android smartphone and for that new smartphone you want to use the same SIM card, don’t just insert a SIM card along with it and transfer all your contacts from your older mobile phone.

  • Go in the contacts application and hit on three/two dots, open manage contacts/in some devices you have to select settings and there you will find manage contact’s option.
  • Select Import/export contacts and tap on export contacts and choose the SIM card.
  • Wait till all the contacts are exported > remove the SIM and insert it in the new mobile phone > Open contacts application of new mobile phone three/two dots > manage contacts/settings-manage contacts > import/export > tap on import contacts and your contacts will be imported in your device.

Google account sync

One of the fastest ways to transfer your contacts, just by syncing your Google account. First make sure that all your contacts are copied to your google account, if not then follow these simple steps, contacts app > menu > manage contacts/settings-manage contacts > import/export > hit on import > choose google account > next

  • To sync the account, go to mobile settings.
  • Search for accounts and tap on your google account.
  • Hit on account sync and turn ON the toggle in front of contacts, log in with the same Google account in your other android phone and follow the above process and sync to the google account and turn ON sync contacts toggle.

Third-party application

By downloading any external application on both android devices, sharing contacts is easier and faster. There are many sharing applications like Share-it, AirDroid, Zapya, and many more but their sharing system is the same.

  • Example: – You are sharing via Zapya, both the devices must have Zapya installed on their mobile.
  • While running this app you have to allow the contacts to access Zapya, then move towards your contacts application.
  • Select all the contacts or you can select manually too, hit on sharing option, or in the menu, you will find the share option.
  • Tap on Zapya, you will land up in the Zapya application, it will search for a nearby device, or by using a QR -code you can scan and make this transfer process faster and all your contacts will be transferred to another android device.

These are four simple methods to move contacts safely between Android phones. You can easily move all the contacts between all the devices.