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How to Speed up Slow Android Smartphones – Free Up RAM Instantly

Is you Android phone working slow, here are nine way sto speed your Mobile phone by customizing the internal settings.

We all are glued to our devices 24×7 for private or personal usage. There are high chances that your mobile may function slow or it may lag on certain apps or usage. If you are facing slow mobile performance then there are some ways to speed it up. All can be done via customizing internal settings.

9 Ways to Speed up Your Slow Android Smartphone

Speed Up Android Phone

These tips which you may overlook and then leads to slow down your mobile phone. Without resolving these issues, you land up to the conclusion to buy a new smartphone.

Clear the Cached files

These cache files create lots of space in your mobile and after some time, it makes your smartphone speed very slow. To clean these cached files, go in settings > storage > check for cached data > click OK and your cached files will be cleaned.

Update your device

If your device is not updated to the recent version, it can be one of the reasons for not functioning your device properly or slow. So first, go in settings > About device > Software update and check for any recent update.

Close the background applications

When you turn on your applications and you may directly press the home button, without closing it properly and the same application runs behind and utilizes your phone resources, which makes your mobile speed very slow. So don’t forget to close those apps.

Clear widgets on your home screen

Yes, you read right the widgets which are on your screen, which makes your speed slow and may lag your smartphone. To delete those widgets, hold that widget, and a cross option will pop out on your screen. Drag that widget till there and it will disappear from your screen.

Make use of google photos or cloud

Delete the unwanted videos or images. The best solution for this, if you don’t want to delete your images or videos, you can upload them to google photos. It will free up your space and there will be no need to delete your photos or videos.

Remove the live wallpapers

If you feel that live wallpapers look cool, then you are wrong. Firstly, it’s going to drain your battery and you will lose the high speed of your mobile.

Use lite applications

There are two types of applications, one is the heavy version and the other is the lite version, you can make use of those lite applications which will use less storage and it will boost your android phone speed.

Reset your device

If any of these tips don’t work, then the last tip is to RESET your device which will clean your device entirely, and hand you a new android smartphone. There are two types of reset, Soft Reset and Hard Reset. It depends upon you which one you want to go for.

These are the basic tips which you have to take them seriously and you can practice these tips on a weekly or daily basis. So there will be no need to waste your money in buying a new mobile phone nor to download any external application to boost your device.