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How To Facetime Android From iOS 15 – iPhone 13 Facetime

Want to call your friends who are using Android smartphones? Here is how to do Facetime to Android.

iOS 15 brings a brand new feature now allowing iPhone users to talk to their friends who are using Android smartphones. You can now directly call your friends who do not have an iPhone device. This is quite a handy feature, where you do not need to rely on third-party platforms. If you had ever used Zoom or Google Meet then the process is quite similar. Make sure you update your devices to iOS 15 or else you won’t see this working.

How To Facetime Android Phone On iOS 15?

Facetime Android

Tap on the Facetime App and you will see two options. Create Link and New Face Time. New FaceTime is for talking to iPhones friends instantly. To talk to Android friends tap on Create Link. Share this link with your friends on SMS or Whatsapp, etc. Ask your friends to open the Facetime Link on their devices. It will open in a web browser, type name, and tap on continue. Allow necessary permissions and then view the video quality. Tap on the Join button on the top. That’s it. For instant summary check the steps one more time.

  1. Launch Face Time.
  2. Tap on Create Link.
  3. Share Link with Friends.
  4. Open Link in Browser.
  5. Tap on Join.

This is how you can Facetime your friends using Android devices. Everything works via a link, something similar to Google Meet. A simple join button will be visible on the tap on the Facetime video. Do not forget to type your name before joining in and also verify the video quality. FaceTime works via a single link for Android devices. There is no dedication to the platform. This can be highly convenient for users who use Facetime as their only default app for video calling. They share the link instantly and on the other side, Android users do not require to install the app. They can talk directly via a web browser.

This is how you can Facetime from iOS 15 to an Android device. There are many more amazing features in iOS 15, one of them is a Custom Focus Mode. This lets you create a Focus Mode as per your need for example a mode dedicated to gaming.