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How Much Will iPhone 14 Pro Max Cost?

As per rumors new iPhone 14 series will be $100 costlier compared to its older version. Here is some vital info on the specs and price range.

iPhone 14 is expected to be released in September 2022. Following the trend, Apple releases a new family of devices in the last quarter. This time iPhone 14 is expected to have a lot of amazing new features. Above all, the most important factor is iPhone 14 price. What will be its actual cost? We are going to debunk a lot of leaks and rumors about the iPhone 14 in this article.

How Much Is iPhone 14 Price?

iPhone 14 Price

The new iPhone will fall between the price range of $1099 to $1199. There will be four models in the series. They are iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. All of these will be under the speculated price range. Prices can go higher due to taxes. This time Apple can bring an in-display fingerprint sensor to the device.

iPhone 14 series will feature an A15 chip and will have three storage space options. They are 64GB, 128GN & 256GB. There can be a possibility of a 512GB version also. Entry level model in the series will have a 12MP camera and the Pro edition will feature a 48MP camera, that can deliver videos in 8K resolution.

In terms of CPU, there will be around a core difference while the chip is the same one that is used in iPhone 13. It looks like iPhone 14 is a series that comes with a little boost or more like improvements over iPhone 13 model. But there is one twist in iPhone 14 Pro series. Rumors claim the pro editions will be powered by an A16 bionic chip. Read more about iPhone 14 specs here.

Design point of view will be no major changes in comparison to iPhone 13 series. There will be no ProMotion feature in the 14 series, which is kind of a disappointment. The intriguing factor is the 48MP camera attached to the Pro series capable of recording 8k videos. This is quite a high bump in the camera specs.

In simple words, if you’re looking for an upgrade over your old devices, especially those who have yet not purchased iPhone 13 can think of iPhone 14. Or else without major improvements in the hardware, design, and camera, there is quite no logic in upgrading. Because as rumors states this time iPhone 14 series will be approx $100 costlier than its predecessors.