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5 Best iPhone 14 Plus Camera Protector List (2023)

This guide has list of 5 best iPhone 14 Plus camera protector.

If you are looking for a way to protect your iPhone 14 Plus camera from scratches, dust, and water, you might want to consider getting a camera protector. A camera protector is a thin layer of glass or plastic that covers the lens of your phone’s camera and prevents any damage. Hence, here’s a list of the 5 best iPhone 14 plus camera protectors that you can buy online.

iPhone 14 Plus: 5 Best Camera Protector List (2023)

Since iPhone 14 is costly, you might be cautious about it getting damaged. Especially when it comes to the camera, you should be extra cautious as it might get damaged due to scratches, or dust. Hence, here’s the list of the 5 best camera protectors for your iPhone 14:

1. Spigen iPhone 14 / 14 Plus Optik Lens Protector

Spigen Optik lens protector - iPhone 14 Plus

Spigen Optik lens protector is made up of 9H tempered glass which is scratch-proof and highly durable. Moreover, it got an anti-flash reflection which helps in generating clear images with flash just like you will do without the camera protector. Also, it comes in two color ranges black and crystal clear (transparent). You can get it from the Spigen official website for $19.99.

2. JETech Camera Lens Protector

JETech camera lens protector - list of 5 best iPhone 14 Plus camera protector

JETech camera lens protector is also made up of 9H tempered glass making it scratch resistant and the black circles in the design allow you to click the clear images even in the low light settings or with the help of a flash. Moreover, it is very easy to install and has strong adsorption properties making the camera protector shedding-proof. You can get a JETech camera lens protector for iPhone 14 Plus for $7.99 from this Amazon website link.

3. Case-Mate Lens Protector

Case-Mate - iPhone 14 Plus best camera protector

If you are looking for a scratch-proof lens protector with crystal clear clarity, Case-Mate Lens Protector is the one made for you. Additionally, this camera lens protector has an anti-fingerprint coating keeping the glass clean and clear. Also, it comes with a 1-year warranty with a 30-day return policy. You can purchase it for $15, from the Case-Mate official website.

4. Ferilinso Camera Lens Protector

Ferilinso lens protector

If you are looking for the best camera lens protector which is economical Ferilinso camera lens protector is the one you should go for. It is made up of 9H tempered glass making it scratch-proof. Moreover, you can take pictures with the flash without worrying about the quality of the image as it has a “Night Flash Circle” making zero interference with the flash. You can purchase it from Amazon for $6.88 from the Amazon official website.

5. Ringke Camera Lens Protector

Ringke lens protector

The 5-layer coating of the Ringke camera lens protector makes it highly resistant to scratches even after drop. Also, the slim and lightweight structure helps you with bubble-free installation. Additionally, the design of the glass allows the complete usage of all camera settings, including night mode and flash. But it costs about $20.79, and you can purchase it from this Ringke official website link.

Those were the list of 5 best camera lens protectors for iPhone 14 Plus. Also, check out our other guides, such as the List of the Best iPhone 14 Pro screen protectors or the List of Best card holder case for iPhone 14 Pro Max.