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Best Music Player For Android Users Only – Play Everything

Grab the best Music Player for Android users. These Music Players are ads-free, have advanced features. Enjoy offline music players everywhere.

People generally listen to music on some best music streaming applications. There are various apps like Gaana, Spotify, YouTube, and many others. You can listen to music from these apps during traveling. A decent internet connection is required no matter where to travel. What if you can download your favorite songs and play them offline?

So here is a list ofBest Music Player For Android Users. Some of these apps have advance features that will help you to organize and enjoy your songs on the go.

The 6 Best Free/Paid Music Players For Android Smartphone

Here is a list of the best 4 free music players and 2 paid music player applications.

1. Phonograph

best free music player for android

One of the highest rating music player applications. It has a great material design interface. The image is changed accordingly to the song you listen to. It enhances your visualization. You can customize your playlist.

Attractive Features

  • Amazing image changing interface
  • Can Customize your playlist
  • Categorization of the library into albums, artists, and playlist

2. Edge Music Player

best free music player for android

This application is a one-opening source for all other music streaming apps. There is no need to open applications always to change the song. It has a very basic interface and easy navigation just by sliding at the edge of your mobile screen.

Attractive Features

  • Simple interface
  • Various themes choose accordingly which suits your mobile
  • Makes your search easy thus it’s divided into three sections, artist, album, song
  • Even share, set as a ringtone, and many other
  • The album cover on the lock screen with various options

3. Split Cloud Double Music

best free music player for android

The name itself shows that it’s quite an interesting music player. You can split your screen and so different songs can be played simultaneously on the same screen. If you are a couple, best friends, colleagues, or may anyone. Now there will be no more quarrels on selecting a song.

Attractive Features

  • Customize your playlist
  • Can Play two songs at a one time
  • Can adjust the volume for two different songs while using the split-screen player
  • Save your songs on sound cloud account
  • Gives Tracks suggestion for the current listening song

4. Musicolet

best free music player for android

This music player gives you an equalizer, tag editor, widgets, sleep timer, and many other features which attract us completely, it’s an ad-free music player. You can even listen to your songs by fast-forwarding your songs.

Attractive Features

  • Supports Android Auto
  • You can edit the playlist
  • Set more than 20 queues
  • Play with equalizers
  • One of the lightweight applications

Best Paid Music Player for Android Smartphone

Here are two paid music players for those who are in search of some best-advanced music players with great features.

5. Poweramp

best free music player for android

This music player has all the advanced features that you are in search of. This app gives you 15 days free trial and after that, you can purchase this music player.

Attractive Features

  • 10 Band equalizers
  • Crossfade
  • Tag editor
  • Royal Interface

6. Shuttle Music Player

best free music player for android

This music player is a free music player application but its, paid version has some classic advanced features. The paid version is named shuttle +, it is a lightweight player.

Attractive Features

  • Variation in themes
  • 6 band equalizers with bass boost
  • ID3 Tag Editing
  • Sleep Timer
  • You can add a gapless play

Here we come to the endnote of the six best music players. Now enjoy listening to your songs even in offline mode at any place, but do not forget to download your favorite music.